Latest Trends In Flash Games

Online gaming has become increasingly popular, because it’s convenient and flash games are generally free. Why pay for a $50 game along with a console when you can just play a similar game online for free (by seeing a few advertisements of course) right? Online flash games are very attractive and made up from different combinations of colours and graphics.

There are thousands of websites available on the internet. Most entertainment websites try and have some sort of flash games available on the site in order to offer that diversity of content. The main benefit of flash games is that, you do not need to download it. They are an extremely easy way to get free traffic without major investment.

Some websites for example have a wide range of flash games available and much of their traffic is because of it. People are willing to go on these sites as its free content and they’re not being hard sold. The latest trend in flash games however reveals what people are now demanding.

People want to be able to solve a puzzle in flash games, something which keeps their brains ticking whilst they crunch through the work the boss has given. Data entry can be boring so something addictive and quick to access is ideal. Flash games on facebook consequently have become increasingly popular, but there are many different categories for flash games.

Puzzle, funny, action, arcade, fighting, racing, and many more categories for flash games are now available. The main flash games that are now popular however seem to be games like flappy bird. Flappy bird was recently removed by the owner but the concept is so simple yet addictive. Flash games also help reduce stress so people are now looking for such games. There is an increasing demand in these types of flash games.

If you can develop such flash games, you have hit the jackpot. Unfortunately I’m a bit clueless in developing so I wouldn’t really be able to help, but some ideas are available at miniclip if you wanted to get some initial ideas.

Audience are demanding flash games which can be quickly loaded and closed before the boss comes over. That’s the ultimate truth, and whether you can provide that differentiates you from the poor flash games. For example, candy crush saga offered a quick game to relax yourself before you begin crunching that data again.

Top 10 Flash Games Of 2013!

Ever Considered Writing Your Own Flash Games?

The computing industry has quite literally exploded over the past 5 years, and it’s growing at an exponential rate. The demand for flash games consequently has grown as well, but the amount of developers surprisingly hasn’t increased. Is there any reason behind this? Some think flash games require technical skills, others think there’s just no demand.

Lets look at some demand statistics: over 2/3 of the world’s population have access to some form of a computer, and even if out of those, only 40% are interested in playing flash games (a very rough statistic) like the ones on some websites, you have at your disposal an audience of roughly 2bn people. So I would say it’s safe to say that there is a huge potential for flash games, but its all about the idea right?

The idea has to be simple, yet addictive, again some websites has some awesome ideas for people to get some inspiration, and although the design process can seem difficult, coming up with an idea is simpler than most think. Take a look at your daily hobbies, see what relates to your flash gaming life, and whether this can be made into a game. A simple example is chucking items at your boss without him finding out!


Flash games are not simple software of binary data codes, the whole game needs to flow and have several movieclips involved. Most developers would refrain from letting their technical side take control, and I would advise the same to you as well. The sole reason behind this is simple; the game needs to be fun, NOT COMPLICATED!

Mock Up

Envisioning the flash game is only a part of the process. You need to get mock ups made, if you don’t feel confident in this section, I would personally suggest hiring an artist. You really need to get a good idea and feel of what theme you want in the game, because the theme presents half of the game. For example, whether you want one of the more basic games at or the more advanced games.

Coding Part 2

There are some awesome books available on flash games, but again the main problem behind flash game developing is the initial ideas. Most people with technical knowledge generally lack the idea, but if you’re not so confident on the technical side of things but have an epic flash game idea, I would personally present the idea to a coder and see if you can make a partnership.

Flash Game Organisation!

The final step is keeping a track of everything, break down the processes and make sure you document it for the next time you want to release a flash game.